Why is the US Open always unpredictable? (Part 3)

But the high humidity in the summer in New York made Flushing Meadows too harsh for the players, regardless of how hard they worked. Federer left the US Open 2018 with a sweaty shirt after losing to Millman.

Millman himself had to ask to play midway in the quarterfinals with Djokovic to change clothes, because the outfit was soaking wet. On the second day of competition, six players withdrew, including five cases involving heat stroke. The weather is so severe that there is even a “thermal scale” to be used in men’s matches at the beginning of the second week of the US Open.

In 2012, a gust of wind blew the chair away of the player entering the field, and the audience evacuated from the stands of the Flushing Meadows complex. “It was definitely one of the most difficult weather conditions I have ever experienced,” Murray said at the time.

Thanks to the subsequent roof installation, Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong yards are no longer affected by wind and rain. But it is also the roof that makes the atmosphere in the two stadiums become more stuffy and hotter.

Under these volatile conditions, it was difficult for the players to maintain their high level, and so, a lot of surprises happened.

In contrast to the tranquility that has become a tradition in Wimbledon, the US Open always enjoys crazy emotions. The schedule, despite improving over the past few years, still feels like it is designed to drain the energy of exhausted players. The semi-finals are scheduled for Saturday, and the next day is the final, as the US Open is always the most exciting sporting event on television.

Players must also get used to the chaotic atmosphere that is rarely seen in other Grand Slams, especially in matches that take place at night. The audience walked in the middle of the pitch, ridiculed the players they disliked and talked loudly in matches.

The illustrious champion Djokovic was also booed by the crowd after an injury that forced him to give up in the fourth round match against Wawrinka. Serena Williams incidents also took place in the frenetic atmosphere at Arthur Ashe yard in the evening.

Those are the characteristics of Flushing Meadows, where most predictions go wrong. Nadal finally won the US Open 2019 in the context that all the original championship doors were named Novak Djokovic – who won four of the last five Grand Slams.