Top the most famous tennis tournaments

In this article, we continue to refer to top the most famous tennis tournaments internationally. If you are a fan of tennis, the following checklist is useful to enjoy your favorite.

5, The Summer game

In the former article, we just refer famous tennis tournaments in the Western like French open, US open…Now, we recommend a special tournament located in Ariake Tennis Park, Tokyo in 2020.

Although it is not a professional tournament, it is welcomed warmly by millions of sport fan because you can live in an incomparable atmosphere surrounded the Ariake park. So, it is an incredible sport event.

Coming the Summer game, you can enjoy series of sports, including tennis. The fact, it appeared in the first time in 1896, then it was dropped until 1988 it came back and maintained ever since.

6, BNP Paribas Open

The critics highly appreciate BNP Paribas open as one of the top tennis tournaments.

It is located in Indian Wells Tennis Garden which attacks series of talented players from all over the world to the competitions.

According to the record, in 2019, there are total 475,372 fans to witness this tournament. This number is huge to prove popularity of this game.

One of reason to make frame for BNL Paribas Open is beauty surrounded the Wells tennis garden where takes place. Someone describes it as the paradise because the landscape is natural and romantic to enjoy.

7, ATP Finals

The ATP Finals is another top tennis event organized in London. It has a long history since the first tournament was established in 1970.

This tournament also is expected annually because it has a different format compared with other grand slams. At there, tennis players only use two methods: knockout or bracket to decide who is person to go the next round.