Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Tennis is loved by many people all over the world because this sport brings a lot of benefits about health, physical as well social benefits for players. So, this sport is encouraged to be played in a large scale.

in this article, we continue to share top great tennis tournaments worldwide. If you are a fan of tennis, you should watch it to broaden more knowledge about sport.

3, Australian Open

Australian Open is one of four internationally major grand slam tennis tournaments, furthermore it is the first period on the calendar, therefore it is welcome by many tennis fans as well famous tennis players to attend.

It was established in 1988 at Melbourne Park in Melbourne. Then it was annually organized as a large sport event. The fact, the first Australian Open was held in 1905, but it was only publicized officially in 1988. 

This event is considered as one of the biggest Grand Slam events. It’s plated on the hard-court surface, as standard condition of other tournaments.

In the recent time, Novak Djokovic has dominated the ranking with series of titles and records. He has total 8 winnings in this tournament. Through the Australia Open, Novak also is voted for top 3 the best tennis players all the time.

4, French Open

French Open is a special tournament when it is played on clay courts. It’s different compared with others. However, some critics say that clay courts can challenge more to player because it’s hard to move ball on it. So, it requires strength and skills to arrange ball fluently.

This tournament is held in the Roland Garros in Paris where it’s famous for romance and sweet. Almost people come to cheer up the French Open and visit beautiful landscapes of this city.

Annually, French Open is usually organized in the end of Sep to early of Oct. this fall time is perfect to travel and enjoy tennis matches.

During more than 128 years since establishment, Rafael Nadal has reached the best records with 12 titles.