Top the fastest footballers in the world

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore it becomes a hot topic to discuss every day. In this article, we refer one aspect of this game which is the ranking of top the fastest footballers in the world.

In football, speed is an important factor to create winning for footballers. Sometimes, within 1meter can change complete result of the match. Therefore, someone owning fast speed takes many priorities to become winners.

5/ Bjorn Engels

Bjorn Engels is a great defender of Aston Villa. He is on the top footballers having good speed up to 36.85 km/ph. In the 2009 season of World Championship, he kept record for 22.9mph. He also won the 100m sprint with average speed 23mph.

Thanks to great ability, he was voted on this list of fastest footballers in the world.

6/ Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has not yet performed well in recent year, but he still was on the top fastest players all the time.

He was smart to take advantage of strength in body and speed to make impressive style. On average, he got 36.9 kmph on the pitch. This record was enough interesting to attract any club as the first choice.

7/ Fred

 He is playing for Manchester United at midfielder. He hold the fastest player in MU during history of the Premier League.

He made impressive deeply with hard-working performances. In general, he got sprinting at 37.29 kilometers in per hour in the last season, according to statistical experts from the federation.

8/ Shane Long

Shane Long was described as a powerful striker when he overcame excellently than other younger players. Although Shane was to 30 year old, he always expressed his talent and ability in some clubs like Reading, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City

By 37.33 kmph in one running hour, he was voted as one of the fasted footballers in the Premier League.