Top the fastest footballers in the world

Speed is considered as one of the most important factors to decide victory in football. When players own fast speed, they can control ball perfectly then overcome other opponents and move it to teammates.

Even, thanks to speed, footballers can boost their level to a higher level with more complicated skills.

In this article, we continue to share top the fastest footballers in football. The fact we don’t have any formula to prove who is the fastest footballer. We collect the ranking based on rates and performances during their career at tournaments.

3/ Nacho Fernandez

He plays at the full-back position for the Real Madrid where he has a long career-long association. Although he is now 30 years-old, he has strong energy to express total his ability in the field,

At the now, he can run 34.62 km/h on average. He also is flexible to connect other teammate in movement of ball.

4/ Alvaro Odriozola

Another footballer in Real Madrid is on the top ranking, called Alvora Odrizolo. He also plays at the full-back role.

Although he is still young as well only appearances few times in La Liga tournament, he still makes deeply impressive for the coal of Real Madris.

To push his talent more, he practices running hard. At the moment, he only reaches the speed at 34.99 km/h. this time is enough to be incredible about speed and footballers.

5/ Kingsley Coman

Kingsley Coman is a French footballer. He is called as the French winger because he has amazing ability for running. Estimated that he can run 35 km/h with a stable mode.

Thanks to special skill, it makes Kingsley more experience about solution speed. However, this player also has in many problem about injuries. He usually appears with stories about problem of ankle, back or joints.