Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the most prestigious football events in the world. If you are a fan of football, you shouldn’t miss some following competitions.

From the former article, we refer to FIFA which is considered as the biggest football event. Now, we share other events.

2, The UEFA Champions League

If FIFA World Cup is the biggest festival for all nations, The UEFA Champions League is the most glamorous for all clubs in the world. 

So, this event is ranked the second position for top the best football tournaments must-see.

The UEFA collects the greatest teams from all over the world, so it is highly appreciated about profession and quality. This event is also invested by big sponsors because this is a great opportunity to praise and introduce their brands to a big number of fans.

Through the UEFA champions league, football in European has improved strongly and famously when they have good environment event to practice and train. So, nowadays, the European continent become powerful about this event.

3, Copa America

Above all competitions, the Copa America is the oldest eventof one continent. This event is expected by all locals in the America continent as well fans of American football. 

The first season was established in Argentina in 1916with the purpose to celebrate independence of Argentina. Then it was spread throughout the continent as a festival to connect and share culture, customs of nations together.

During the history of Copa America, Mexico, Costa Rica and the USA are outstanding nations. They usually have the right to own the host nation of the season. However, Uruguay is the most successful team in this event. Until now, they are on the top 1stwith 15 titles for the Championships.