Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 1)

Football is the most favorite sports to play and follow for everyone in the world. Anyone in different age also loves and cheer up for any football tournament. Even, there is no favorite team, they still can follow and welcome happily.

If you are a fan of football, you shouldn’t miss our article. We share top the best football tournaments in the world. It can be a domestically national event, or continental or international tournament. All are collected carefully to build up the following ranking.

1, FIFA World Cup

It’s no doubt that FIFA World Cup is the biggest football competition in the world. this event collects top the best national football clubs from all over the world. Then they compete to find the most excellent team for Championship. Any team can reach the title in World Cup also deserves to become the best memorial event in their football history.

This event is only hold every four years, so it is more and more prestigious and expected with fans. Before the final round of 16 teams have been organized, there are many play-off rounds among teams in the continent then teams representing for per continent will continue to compete other teams in different continent so that they can find top the best 16 teams for the final round. It can organize within 2 years ago.

In general, FIFA World Cup is the biggest festival which people from all over the world can connect and live in one environment of love and passion. The fact, thanks to spreading of football, many issues and dispute about the nationality, religion or customs can be improved positively.

Although it is a football event, it brings a lot of meanings for both players and spectators. So, it is deserved to become the most prestigious football tournament in the world.