The Nuggets and Blazers have created the longest match in NBA history

Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers have created one of the most memorable matches in the NBA playoffs.

The third game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets went into the NBA history as the longest match in the playoffs. Accordingly, both teams had to take four extra times to determine the winner. Blazers also had to rely on Rodney Hood’s ecstatic moment to subdue the Nuggets with a 140-137 final.

According to the Basketball Reference, in the history of the playoffs, only the match between Syracuse Nationals (the predecessor of the Philadelphia 76ers) and the Boston Celtics within the Eastern semi-final game of 1953 was the only match to be used for extra time. Private to determine defeat. The Celtics and the legendary Bob Cousy were the last teams to win with the score 111-105.

So after 66 years, this new record is once again re-established. Even if there were no more accurate moments of Rodney Hood or Nikola Jokic in the free throws, the Nuggets and Blazers might have to step into the fifth extra time, thereby setting a new record in the NBA.

If there is no shining moment of Hood, perhaps the match still needs to enter the 5th extra time. Besides this record, the match between the team also set another memorable record. That is Jokic’s record of playing minutes. The Nuggets were the most competitive player on the field with 65 minutes of play, with Jokic playing almost all of the four extra times between the two teams. Although his stamina was greatly reduced, Jokic still left a strong mark with 33 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists in this match.

According to The Associated Press’s Brian Mahoney, Jokic has become the second-most-played player in an NBA match. Just behind the 67-minute record of legendary Bob Cousy with 67 minutes in the legendary Syracuse Nationals – Boston Celtics.

With this failure, the Nuggets are in a very disadvantageous situation. They have now allowed their opponents to take the lead 2-1. And if you can’t beat the opponent in the next match, the Nuggets’ next door is gone. However, the Nuggets will have to face disadvantages in both forms and away as well as physical factors when they have just gone through a long game. The two teams will meet each other on May 6 at Moda Center