Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the most prestigious football events in the world. If you are a fan of football, you shouldn’t miss some following competitions.

From the former article, we refer to FIFA which is considered as the biggest football event. Now, we share other events.

2, The UEFA Champions League

If FIFA World Cup is the biggest festival for all nations, The UEFA Champions League is the most glamorous for all clubs in the world. 

So, this event is ranked the second position for top the best football tournaments must-see.

The UEFA collects the greatest teams from all over the world, so it is highly appreciated about profession and quality. This event is also invested by big sponsors because this is a great opportunity to praise and introduce their brands to a big number of fans.

Through the UEFA champions league, football in European has improved strongly and famously when they have good environment event to practice and train. So, nowadays, the European continent become powerful about this event.

3, Copa America

Above all competitions, the Copa America is the oldest eventof one continent. This event is expected by all locals in the America continent as well fans of American football. 

The first season was established in Argentina in 1916with the purpose to celebrate independence of Argentina. Then it was spread throughout the continent as a festival to connect and share culture, customs of nations together.

During the history of Copa America, Mexico, Costa Rica and the USA are outstanding nations. They usually have the right to own the host nation of the season. However, Uruguay is the most successful team in this event. Until now, they are on the top 1stwith 15 titles for the Championships. 

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

In this article, we continue to refer to top the most famous tennis tournaments internationally. If you are a fan of tennis, the following checklist is useful to enjoy your favorite.

5, The Summer game

In the former article, we just refer famous tennis tournaments in the Western like French open, US open…Now, we recommend a special tournament located in Ariake Tennis Park, Tokyo in 2020.

Although it is not a professional tournament, it is welcomed warmly by millions of sport fan because you can live in an incomparable atmosphere surrounded the Ariake park. So, it is an incredible sport event.

Coming the Summer game, you can enjoy series of sports, including tennis. The fact, it appeared in the first time in 1896, then it was dropped until 1988 it came back and maintained ever since.

6, BNP Paribas Open

The critics highly appreciate BNP Paribas open as one of the top tennis tournaments.

It is located in Indian Wells Tennis Garden which attacks series of talented players from all over the world to the competitions.

According to the record, in 2019, there are total 475,372 fans to witness this tournament. This number is huge to prove popularity of this game.

One of reason to make frame for BNL Paribas Open is beauty surrounded the Wells tennis garden where takes place. Someone describes it as the paradise because the landscape is natural and romantic to enjoy.

7, ATP Finals

The ATP Finals is another top tennis event organized in London. It has a long history since the first tournament was established in 1970.

This tournament also is expected annually because it has a different format compared with other grand slams. At there, tennis players only use two methods: knockout or bracket to decide who is person to go the next round.

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Tennis is one of the most favourite sports for anyone and any ages. Because this game can play alone or connect with partner, it is easy to prastice in the daily life.

In this article, we will share top the most famous tournaments about tennis established annually in all over the world.

If you are a fan of tennis, you shouldn’t miss these valuable tournaments

1/ Wimbledon (Grand Slam Event)

Wimbledon is ranked as the 1st of top tennis tournaments because of its frame, profession and long history.

This tournament was founded in 1877 for all England clubs outside London in the UK. It is played on the grass until now as the traditonal character.

In this tournament, all players will wear white dress code as traditional uniform. It expresses respect and admiring to the Royal family as well other celebrities coming the game and cheer up.

According to the fixxed schedule, Wimbledon will take place within two weeks in late June or early July. Any athlete coming to professional career will expect to reach the title for winning in the Wimbledon.

2/ US Open (Grand Slam Event)

US Open is one of four tournaments in Grand Slam Event. It is taken place in the US for all famous professional tennis players from the US and other nations.

It was established in 1881 considered as the US national tournament. By profession, big investment to build up high quality tournaments, US Open is well-known as one of the greatest tennis tournament in the world.

This event will be organized in the US national tennis center with presence of many celebrities.

As normal, the US Open is annually occured in late August to early September. Besides registering of professional tennis players from other nations in the world, this event will be concerned by millions of tennis fans. Even, they are ready to book the ticket to US to cheer up for their idol. 

In 2018, estimated about more than 800,000 spectators to attend this event.