Coutinho suffered a sad ending with Bale

Coutinho suffered a sad ending with Bale

The two stars of the soccer village all face gloomy futures. They couldn’t go, they couldn’t finish it.

Philippe Coutinho‘s adventures in Bayern Munich are being counted day by day. As for Barca, it will be a nightmare for the Brazilian midfielder. The 2020 summer transfer window is almost open, and Coutinho is still on his way to a new stop.

From Germany, the Bayern management is said not to activate the terms of a definitive purchase of Coutinho. They believed he was not worthy of the transfer fee of 120 million euros. According to Bild newspaper, it is likely that Coutinho will soon be sent back to the Camp Nou in the next few months.

Coutinho does not show much at Bayern Munich

Barca also no longer need Coutinho. They plan to use the midfielder as part of PSG’s Neymar deal. On the transfer market, the 27-year-old star is still very good. He is interested in many English clubs such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, etc. However, these teams were hesitant to buy Coutinho.

Gareth Bale’s situation at Real Madrid is no better than Coutinho. Zinedine Zidane coach Welsh striker from the plan. The French teacher was reluctant to use the former Tottenham star this season because the club could not find a suitable card to replace, and Marco Asensio was injured.

In the summer of 2019, Bale seemed to have to leave the Santiago Bernabeu to go to China. The deal eventually failed because “Los Blancos” asked for too high a transfer price. The 30-year-old goalscorer stays in Madrid, but his future is bleak. “Zizou” does not consider Bale an important factor of the team.

Real now hopes to “expel” Bale from the Bernabeu soon before his contract with the club ends in 2022. However, no European team has enough financial potential to pick the spearhead of Wales, except the home guys. rich in China. Recently, Bale began to consider finding a new stop.

However, the No. 11 of Real refuses to accept a salary reduction. At the Bernabeu, Bale pocketed 14.5 million euros per year. AS journalist Marco Ruiz believes this is the reason many European clubs are tired of approaching this player. If Bale stays in Madrid, an old story between him and the club reappears.

Real didn’t need Bale anymore, but couldn’t push him out of the club. The 30-year-old star will become a surplus in Madrid, and suffer the same dilemma as Coutinho at Barca. It is really a sad ending for the two stars who have received a lot of fan expectations.

Real Madrid won 2-0 to reclaim the La Liga title

Real Madrid won 2-0 to reclaim the La Liga title

Real showed high determination in the competition at the Bernabeu. Despite the lack of attack, the army under Zidane compensated with the excellence of the midfield. The host divided the communication between the two lines, restricting the way up the ball of Barca. Although center-back Gerard Pique and goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen played as if on the field, the visitors could not avoid the goal.

After repeatedly stirring the wings thanks to the speed like a racing car, Vinicius Junior was lucky in the finishing phase at a narrow angle when the ball touched Pique’s foot to change direction, making Ter Stegen unable to return. Leading the table, Real more excited and Barca deadlocked. In stoppage time, the striker replaced Mariano Diaz taking advantage of the speed when the counterattack, scoring a 2-0 score.

The match at the Bernabeu takes place at a sensitive time. Real and Barca have both received poor results in the Champions League and need a mental push. The rain on the Bernabeu does not cool the game that took place attractive from the first minute. Karim Benzema warned Barca with a volley over the bar.

Move widely to actively open the pace, Vinicius is the destination in the ball up of Real. But despite the potential for harassment, young Brazilian talent is inexperienced in the final handling phase. Inside, Benzema no longer has the sharpness and the ability to take advantage of the horizontal phase of the team.

One of the regular plans used by Real is Vinicius slam the ball down the edge of the edge and return the second line. But, in a day without good ball feeling, Kroos kicked out at least three times. Isco had a dangerous finish but was denied by Ter Stegen in the second half.

Real finally found a goal in a situation where Nelson Semedo was attracted to Benzema and let Vinicius escape. The Bernabeu team lost many opportunities at the end of the second half when Barca midfielders constantly lost the ball. In a throw-in, Mariano took advantage of the strength of a new player to come over Samuel Umtiti before defeating Ter Stegen with a clever finish.

This victory helped Real reclaim the top spot in La Liga. They are 56 points after 26 rounds, one point ahead of Barca. On March 8, Real will play the next match, as a guest of Real Betis. In the same round, Barca received Real Sociedad on the evening of 7/3.

Real Madrid’s best defense in 31 years

Real Madrid’s best defense in 31 years

Since 1988, this is the second time Real Madrid have conceded 12 goals after the first 18 rounds in La Liga.

After 18 rounds in La Liga season 2019-2020, only Atletico conceded less than Real Madrid (11 compared to 12). However, this is the best defensive record of the Bernabeu owner after 31 years.

The last time, Real Madrid conceded no more than 12 times after the first 18 rounds was the 1987-1988 season. That year, “White Vulture” won the championship at the end of the season and was also the team with the best defense in the tournament with 26 goals.

Since the beginning of the season, Thibaut Courtois and Alphonse Areola took turns taking main roles for Real Madrid. In particular, the Belgian goalkeeper has seven matches to keep a clean sheet, while the French junior contributes an additional match.

Throughout La Liga history, only two times Real Madrid have conceded fewer goals after the first 18 rounds. In the seasons 1961-1962 and 1971-1972, the team in white shirt 11 times conceded. On both occasions, they were crowned champions at the end of the season.

Defensive, but the record of Real Madrid cause fans worry. They scored 14 times less than Barca first team after 18 rounds, and achieved 1.83 goals a game. Real Madrid’s top scorer – Karim Benzema – is currently second in the list of top scorers, with 12 goals, one goal behind Lionel Messi.

Real Madrid scored the least goals in 10 years

At the end of 2019, Real Madrid scored 100 goals, 42 lower than last year and 78 goals compared to the 2014 record.

In 2019, the home team played 54 matches, averaging 1.85 goals a game. The last three games of the year, Zinedine Zidane’s teachers and students only scored one goal, in a 1-1 draw at Valencia in La Liga.

In the 2019-2020 season, they scored 14 goals less than their rival Barca in La Liga, although the Catalonia team did not have superstar Lionel Messi in the first month of the season.

Real Madrid goals are 42 goals less than in 2018. It was the time they had Cristiano Ronaldo in the first half of the year. The Portuguese superstar maintained a frightening goal, helping Real Madrid for the third time in a row to win the Champions League.

Real Madrid can be top of La Liga thanks to Barcelona’s draw with Real Sociedad

Real Madrid can be top of La Liga thanks to Barcelona’s draw with Real Sociedad

After Sociedad took the lead from the penalty spot, Barcelona bounced back through Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez but an error from goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen allowed Alexander Isak to concede.

This has always been an interesting clash, with La Real standing in fourth place after impressing in all seasons, on the Champions League Barcelona is still a stronger favourite for the win but the draw with Sociedad impact the la Liga table

Early warning signs came in Barcelona on Saturday, when Isied boldly stepped forward Isak cut across his defense and set up Mikel Oyarzabal, who chose to cross when he should probably shoot better.

However, it will not be long before La Real has the goal to dominate early.

Eagle eye referee Antonio Rojas discovered Sergio Busquets’ pull on Diego Llorente’s shirt and, after a short pause to confirm from VAR, pointed to the spot.

With three fronts of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona was never eliminated from the game.

In the blink of an eye, Suarez won the ball in the middle of the field and slid Griezmann over the goal to allow the Frenchman to deftly pass the ball over the rising Alex Remiro and into the far corner.

It was difficult for Sociedad but Barcelona was in no mood to feel sorry for his opponent and less than four minutes after the second half, Suarez was faced with the misery of the home team.

Messi rushes past Busquet’s exact score on top and squares the ball for his Uruguayan teammate to score the easiest.

But it’s no wonder these Sociedad players have elevated the club to fourth place in La Liga this season and they believe they can match any team in the tournament.

Annoyed by the constant noise of the home fans, Sociedad set up an equalizer and was rewarded shortly after the time was over when an unusual error by Ter Stegen allowed Isak to touch the ball into an empty net.

There was some controversy in the closing stages when Pique went down inside the box and he was fouled by Llorente when he tried to go home to the winner.

After consulting with VAR, his appeals were dispelled and the visitors had to settle just one point from an enchanting game.

The result means that Real Madrid can outrun their opponents at the beginning of the tournament by defeating Valencia Sunday.