Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 3)

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 3)

The players were always trying before Cantona arrived, and now they are making a lot of effort.

With Cantona in the squad, Man Utd rose to their first English championship since 1967. The following four seasons, they spent three more titles and two FA Cups until Cantona decided to hang up his shoes in 1998. The day he left the team, Man Utd was in a much higher position than when he arrived. Not only is the goalscorer that Man Utd needs, Cantona also transmits the team of enthusiasm and an unprecedented arrogance. “When Eric was brought in, we knew we had the last piece,” Ince said.

Liverpool have not won England since 1990. At one point, they were very close, but they stumbled. In 2014, under Brendan Rogers, they scored 101 goals and conceded 50 goals. When Jurgen Klopp came to power a year later, he continued to be criticized for two years for his defenseless defense: they could not control the fixed ball, make silly mistakes and play poorly. Klopp always stands out to protect the players, but he must also realize that the team is missing something.

Then Virgil van Dijk arrived from Southampton in December 2017. Klopp tried to buy him the previous summer but then he had to wait until the winter. Liverpool have conceded 23 goals in the first half of the season. The second half they only conceded 15 goals. This season, through the first eight rounds, Liverpool won all eight, conceding just six goals – at least the tournament.

Van Dijk has brought a life not unlike Cantona at Man Utd before. He brings a strong faith: we can win and do great things. Two consecutive years Liverpool reached the Champions League final. And they won the season with Van Dijk. Van Dijk not only kicked, he also raised the person next to him, whether it was Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren or Joel Matip.

When facing Liverpool today, looking at the opponent, the Man Utd supporters would wish the home team had a person like Cantona from the past, someone who, although we were weak, lost troops, had crisis, still entered. pitch with your head held high and challenge anyone who dares to despise the reputation of the “Red Devils”!

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 2)

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 2)

One rainy day in November, Ferguson went to see Martin Edwards at the President’s office to discuss recruitment. He tried to contact Alan Shearer (Southampton) and David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday) but failed. Later, he brought in young striker Dion Dublin of Cambridge United, a brilliant talent but soon suffered from abuse.

When Ferguson arrived at the office, Edwards was on the phone with Bill United President Bill Fotherby. Fotherby wants to ask to buy Dennis Irwin. Ferguson immediately saw the opportunity and wrote on his boss’s pad, “Ask him about Eric Cantona.”

Edwards pretended to ask Fotherby about Cantona and learned that the French striker was arguing with coach Howard Wilkinson. Fotherby made an appointment an hour later.

Only cost a million pounds transfer fee, Man Utd bought Cantona and helped the club change its destiny.

As soon as he hung up, Edwards immediately asked Ferguson, “Why Cantona?”

And Ferguson said immediately: Because it is a necessary contract. Cantona has always been known for his complex personality, the rumor he contradicts Wilkinson despite bringing Leeds to the championship has been shady for a long time. But after talking with then-France coach Gerard Houllier, Ferguson realized that Cantona was far from the rumors. But more importantly, at that time, Man Utd desperately needed a top scorer to solve the goal. Cantona is clearly a great option.

Half an hour later, Fotherby called back and announced he was ready to sell Cantona. Wilkinson was fed up with Cantona, and he had no intention of staying. Cantona even applied for a transfer. “The downstream trout will not be able to cross the falls,” wrote the Cantona letter.

The arrival of Cantona gave hope to Old Trafford. But more remarkable is his influence on the team. After the first training session, Cantona asked Ferguson arranged two more players to stay behind to help him practice the volley. Ferguson was surprised that the exercises were designed to be as logical as possible, but Cantona still wanted it to be more challenging. He designated two players to cross the ball with a young goalkeeper in the wooden frame. The other players saw Cantona practice, then gradually they joined him. The additional exercises later became a routine on the training ground of Man Utd.