Top the best 10 footballers in the world in 2019

Top the best 10 footballers in the world in 2019

Football is always a favorite sport of many people. Because of fame and reputation, so many young people have dream to become stars in football. Therefore, this sport also attracts talented athletes.

In this article, we continue to collect top the best players in the world in the last year. In general, 2019 has been closed with a little achievements and successes still in mind of spectators. So, this ranking is a summary about an aspect of football in 2019.

In the previous article, we refer 2 names: Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero. Let it find the next names in ranking.

3/ Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin is voted as one of the most excellent midfielders in 2019 season. Although he has not much experience in football career, he has reached some outstanding achievements for 2 teams- Argentina which is his national football team and Manchester city which he is transferred to.

By his performance in the last year, he promises that he will become an interesting transfer bids for 2020 season. Actually, some clubs are fighting and dealing to own this talent.

4/ David De Gea

David is voted for the best goalkeeper reward in the world during 2019 season. He plays for Spain and Manchester United.

He has collected a huge number of prizes, such as three continuous awards for the Player of Year since 2014 by the Sir Matt Busby.

Thanks for his excellent performance, MU can keep the highest number of empty sheets during the Premier league.

5/ Mohamed Salah

He has ever been a talented forwarder in Liverpool and Egypt.

He has played at forward role since 2017, then he contributed to make the title for the Reds to Champion. Estimated he had 11 goals in total one Premier league.