Copa America 2019: ‘Nightmare’ still clings to Lionel Messi

Copa America 2019: ‘Nightmare’ still clings to Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has joined the Argentina team at nine major tournaments, including five Copa America and four World Cups, but has yet to touch the championship once.

Argentina’s national team had to stop at the 2019 Copa America semi-final after a 2-0 defeat to the home team Brazil.

The fact that Scolani’s team is white at a major tournament is no longer a surprise because it is just another defeat of “La Albiceleste” for many years. But with Lionel Messi, “nightmare” has not ended.

The “Tango Country” team has not been able to win a team-level championship in major tournaments since 1993 when they crowned at a Copa America.

Ever since Lionel Messi, the biggest star in Argentina’s post-Maradona era, debuted in the national team shirt in 2006, the fans are still keen on a home team championship. But now, luck has always been “elusive” the player is rated the number 1 star of world football today.

Football fans in the world still cannot explain what happens to Argentine football genius and finally have to accept the explanation that Messi has never been “charming” with the team shirt color. nation.

In the nine major leagues Messi participated in, the No. 10 player played 46 matches, scored 15 goals and created 19 chances for teammates with a goal of 33%.

Meanwhile, in the club shirt Barcelona has scored 614 goals in 719 matches at a rate of up to 85%. Of the 64 leagues in the colors of Catalunia’s team, Messi joined with his teammates to win 34 championships with an incredible rate of 53.1%.

In fact, “La Pulga” did not get the best performance in the 2019 Copa America, but in the semi-finals with Brazil, he still demonstrated the role of leader with high-class passes and assists “boldly Messi. ”

Therefore, the feeling of striker No. 10 when having to carry this suitcase is still sad but not too disappointed as the previous tournament.

At the age of 32, Messi certainly knows he doesn’t have much time with the national team. In the short term, it is possible that “La Pulga” has only 2 big goals to conquer Argentina colors including Copa America 2020 and World Cup 2022.

Identify the pair to fight for the third-place of Copa America 2019

Identify the pair to fight for the third-place of Copa America 2019

The final pair of 2019 Copa America semi-finals between Peru and Chile has ended, which can determine the teams fighting for the third-place of this tournament.

Thus, Chile had a serious defeat of 0-3 against Peru. The team was underestimated. Peru excellently defeated Chile to enter the final of the 2019 Copa America against the Brazilian host. And the facts that happened on the field have also shown that Sanchez and his teammates deserve to be the former Copa America king this year.

They lost to Peru in all aspects including tactics, competitive mentality, the ability to take advantage of opportunities, concentration, etc. And with the excellence of Peru’s goalkeeper, plus situations of wasting chances of Vargas, Vidal or Sanchez, Chile doesn’t even have an honor goal.

Thereby, we can determine the teams that are going to fight for the third-place of 2019 Copa America. The match will take place between Argentina and Chile on next July 7. These two teams promise to bring fans an exciting and exciting match, especially in the context that both teams are no longer under pressure of psychological pressure.

Earlier, Argentina lost to Brazil with a score of 0-2 on the morning of July 6, and like Chile, Messi and his teammates did not get an honor goal. At this match, Lionel Messi did everything he could, but the 31-year-old superstar still couldn’t help Argentina escape to Brazil host. This disappointing result caused Albiceleste to continue to be ungainly with big titles, while Messi gradually loses hope to find glory with the national team.

The third-place pair between Argentina and Chile will re-create the Copa America final 4 years ago. When Chile excelled in defeating Argentina on a penalty shootout 4-1 and winning the Copa America 2015.

The 2019 Copa America final will take place with the pair between Brazil and Peru on the morning of July 8. Let’s wait to see!

Copa America: Messi claimed to play badly, blaming… the pitch

Copa America: Messi claimed to play badly, blaming… the pitch

Lionel Messi admits to not performing well in Copa America despite Argentina’s semi-finals.

In an interview after the match between Argentina and Venezuela, Lionel Messi admitted not to be in the best form of this Copa America. The 32-year-old superstar said that the quality of the pitch was not good, making it difficult for him to control the ball.

“I didn’t get the best performance at Copa America. Honestly, the pitch of the match made me unable to control the ball in my favor. It was like a rabbit jumping around!” – Messi confided.

In Copa America, Messi scored 1 goal on the 11m mark (Argentina 1-1 Paraguay match, group stage).

Aguero was excited when Argentina entered the semi-finals

“Most people know what we have suffered all the time. Football is like that, when we put on the team shirt, we have to offer the best. We meet Venezuela. Argentina is happy that he has reached the semi-finals, even though he has just had a long journey on the plane”, Sergio Aguero was excited to talk about the victory in Argentina’s semi-finals.

Brazilian goalkeeper maintains impressive clean sheet achievements

After helping Brazil cross Paraguay on a brainstorming rotation, Alisson goalkeeper extended his impressive form. Specifically, the 26-year-old “custodian” experienced 8 consecutive clean sheets at both club and national level.

Argentina has struggled to overcome the Copa America group stage, but in the first match of the knock-out round, they have overcome Venezuela with a mild 2-0 victory. Lautaro Martinez and Giovani Lo Celso scored in each half to book Argentina against the Brazilian rivals in the semi-finals.

Although there is a very poor playing style in most of the group stage, Argentina has a performance that surpassed the fans’ expectations. The gameplay is smoother, the fire fighting positions are to win back the ball, and during the attack, the opportunities are used.

Lautaro Martinez is particularly impressive with the opener, Paredes – De Paul – Acuna makes Venezuela did not have many chances to penetrate the penalty box despite more possession, and midfielder Pezzalla – Otamendi locked Salomon tight. Rondon in most matches. Meanwhile, the most noticing star is Lionel Messi who has 90 minutes of silence.