China was discriminated at the world table tennis tournament

China was discriminated  at the world table tennis tournament

While traveling abroad for two months before the World Championships in Busan, the Chinese team may still be isolated at the hotel when attending the tournament.

It was not until the end of March that the 2020 World Championships began in Korea. But right now, the city of Busan has planned to isolate the Chinese team due to concerns about the impact of corona pneumoniae virus. The 79 members of the Chinese team will be lined up on a separate floor, taking a private elevator and going to the Busan gym in a separate way.

As soon as the isolation policy was enacted, China reacted strongly to the World Table Tennis Federation, saying that the treatment of the host country South Korea was unfair and inappropriate.

Chinese team members went abroad for training two months before the tournament, and no one was positive for corona virus. Of the 79 members of the delegation, none came from Hubei – where the virus broke out. On the other hand, they will train in Qatar from this month and fly directly to Korea for the tournament without returning to China.

Organizers warned the Busan government that this quarantine would easily lead to diplomatic problems between the two countries. Busan, after review, left open the possibility of withdrawing the quarantine policy.

The world championship table tennis tournament 2020 takes place from March 22-29, with 1200 members from 87 countries. According to statistics, more than 42,000 people were infected with corona virus in China and more than 1,000 people died. Of the remaining 86 participating countries, 11 cases of corona virus have been detected.

On February 11, the Chinese Table Tennis Federation thanked its peer organization in Qatar for providing adequate facilities and equipment, during the Chinese team’s training in Doha. Since the end of the German Open earlier this month, members of the Chinese table tennis team flew straight to Qatar to train and avoid the corona epidemic.

They received invitations from Germany, Austria, Japan and some other countries, but chose Qatar because some of the top Chinese athletes will attend the Qatar Open from March 3-8. Here, Aspire Academy supported the recruitment of China to 2,000 table tennis.

China is the world number one power table tennis. They won 145 gold and 607 gold in all kinds of world championships, the most in history. Since table tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988, China won 28 of the 32 gold medals.