Real Madrid won 2-0 to reclaim the La Liga title

Real showed high determination in the competition at the Bernabeu. Despite the lack of attack, the army under Zidane compensated with the excellence of the midfield. The host divided the communication between the two lines, restricting the way up the ball of Barca. Although center-back Gerard Pique and goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen played as if on the field, the visitors could not avoid the goal.

After repeatedly stirring the wings thanks to the speed like a racing car, Vinicius Junior was lucky in the finishing phase at a narrow angle when the ball touched Pique’s foot to change direction, making Ter Stegen unable to return. Leading the table, Real more excited and Barca deadlocked. In stoppage time, the striker replaced Mariano Diaz taking advantage of the speed when the counterattack, scoring a 2-0 score.

The match at the Bernabeu takes place at a sensitive time. Real and Barca have both received poor results in the Champions League and need a mental push. The rain on the Bernabeu does not cool the game that took place attractive from the first minute. Karim Benzema warned Barca with a volley over the bar.

Move widely to actively open the pace, Vinicius is the destination in the ball up of Real. But despite the potential for harassment, young Brazilian talent is inexperienced in the final handling phase. Inside, Benzema no longer has the sharpness and the ability to take advantage of the horizontal phase of the team.

One of the regular plans used by Real is Vinicius slam the ball down the edge of the edge and return the second line. But, in a day without good ball feeling, Kroos kicked out at least three times. Isco had a dangerous finish but was denied by Ter Stegen in the second half.

Real finally found a goal in a situation where Nelson Semedo was attracted to Benzema and let Vinicius escape. The Bernabeu team lost many opportunities at the end of the second half when Barca midfielders constantly lost the ball. In a throw-in, Mariano took advantage of the strength of a new player to come over Samuel Umtiti before defeating Ter Stegen with a clever finish.

This victory helped Real reclaim the top spot in La Liga. They are 56 points after 26 rounds, one point ahead of Barca. On March 8, Real will play the next match, as a guest of Real Betis. In the same round, Barca received Real Sociedad on the evening of 7/3.