MU lost Man City 1-3 in the League Cup semi-final

Playing at home, but MU must receive a 1-3 defeat against Man City in the semi-final first leg of the League Cup, which took place early in the morning on January 8.

In the first leg of the League Cup semi-final, both coaches had to make changes in personnel to cope with the tight schedule. Solskjaer put Maguire on the bench to give Phil Jones a chance to start the game, while Pep Guardiola entered the squad without a striker, Sterling is the highest player in the 3-4-2-1 diagram.

Solskjaer’s calculations soon broke when Man City opened the scoring in the 17th minute. Bernardo Silva proved the star quality with a superb shot from outside the penalty area. The ball dived into the top corner to not allow De Gea a chance to make a clearance.

After the goal, MU pushed up the offensive team but did not create coordinated phases with the line, except for harmless crosses from the wings. Man City was just waiting for the opponent to rise to launch a counterattack.

After 33 minutes, Bernardo Silva made the opening of the MU defense, creating conditions for Riyad Mahrez to come down, pass the ball over De Gea, and score the score to 2-0.

Only 6 minutes later, the score was increased to 3-0 for Man City. Phil Jones was easily overtaken by De Bruyne after just a cross. The Belgian’s shot failed to beat De Gea but the ball bounced Andreas Andreasira into the net.

In the last minutes, the pressure is constantly on MU crafts. If Sterling took the better opportunity, the away team had an advantage greater than 3 goals when entering the break.

Man City overwhelmed MU right at Old Trafford

The big advantage helps Man City can play comfortably in the second half. Pep Guardiola’s army controls the midfield and creates many coordination to break through the MU defense. However, the finishes of Mahrez and Sterling were not accurate enough to defeat De Gea.

Man Utd tried hard but could only shorten the score to 1-3 in the 70th minute. Rashford escaped after a slot from Greenwood’s slot and then unleashed a shot to defeat goalkeeper Bravo.

After conceding, Man City actively reduced the tempo of the match and preserved the score 3-1. The Premier League champion entered the semi-final second leg at the Etihad Stadium with the advantage of three away goals.