Identify the pair to fight for the third-place of Copa America 2019


The final pair of 2019 Copa America semi-finals between Peru and Chile has ended, which can determine the teams fighting for the third-place of this tournament.

Thus, Chile had a serious defeat of 0-3 against Peru. The team was underestimated. Peru excellently defeated Chile to enter the final of the 2019 Copa America against the Brazilian host. And the facts that happened on the field have also shown that Sanchez and his teammates deserve to be the former Copa America king this year.

They lost to Peru in all aspects including tactics, competitive mentality, the ability to take advantage of opportunities, concentration, etc. And with the excellence of Peru’s goalkeeper, plus situations of wasting chances of Vargas, Vidal or Sanchez, Chile doesn’t even have an honor goal.

Thereby, we can determine the teams that are going to fight for the third-place of 2019 Copa America. The match will take place between Argentina and Chile on next July 7. These two teams promise to bring fans an exciting and exciting match, especially in the context that both teams are no longer under pressure of psychological pressure.

Earlier, Argentina lost to Brazil with a score of 0-2 on the morning of July 6, and like Chile, Messi and his teammates did not get an honor goal. At this match, Lionel Messi did everything he could, but the 31-year-old superstar still couldn’t help Argentina escape to Brazil host. This disappointing result caused Albiceleste to continue to be ungainly with big titles, while Messi gradually loses hope to find glory with the national team.

The third-place pair between Argentina and Chile will re-create the Copa America final 4 years ago. When Chile excelled in defeating Argentina on a penalty shootout 4-1 and winning the Copa America 2015.

The 2019 Copa America final will take place with the pair between Brazil and Peru on the morning of July 8. Let’s wait to see!