Tottenham unsuccessfully appealed Son’s red card

Tottenham unsuccessfully appealed Son’s red card

Tottenham will lose Son Heung-min in three matches, due to an appeal by the Football Association (FA) on December 24 against the Korean striker’s red card.

Son will be sidelined for the next three matches in the Premier League, meeting Brighton (December 26), Norwich (December 29) and Southampton (January 1, 2020). The 27-year-old striker could only return to play against Liverpool on 12 January.

On December 22, Son Heung-min received a straight red card after retaliation for Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger. The Korean player raised his leg after falling down, impacting on Rudiger’s abdomen caused the German center-back to fall in pain. Coach Jose Mourinho said that Rudiger scolded and affected the decision of the referee and VAR. Tottenham appealed the red card the next day, but failed.

This season, Tottenham twice appealed to Son’s red card. In early November, they succeeded in impacting the FA to reduce Son’s penalty from three games to one game, after a foul that led to a serious injury of Andre Gomes (Everton).

Son scored 10 goals in 23 matches in all competitions this season. Calculated in 2019, Korean players receive three red cards. Over the past 10 years, only Lee Cattermole (2010) received the same number of red cards in a year. In the match against Chelsea, Son’s red card made Tottenham unable to turn the tables and accepted to lose 0-2.

After 18 rounds of English Premier League, teachers and teachers Jose Mourinho has 26 points, ranked seventh.

Mourinho: ‘Rudiger certainly has broken ribs’

Jose Mourinho sarcasm Antonio Rudiger after Chelsea midfielder Son Heung-min was fired in the Tottenham match lost to Chelsea 0-2 on December 22.

62 minutes, when Tottenham was leading 0-2, Rudiger fouled Son Heung-min. Son, after falling down, tried to swing his leg high in retaliation. Son’s impact on Rudiger wasn’t strong, but the Chelsea defender fell and hugged his stomach in pain.

The referee, after referencing VAR, pulled the red card to dismiss Son directly. Son was also the first player to receive three red cards in a year in the Premier League, since Lee Cattermole in 2010.

The match on December 22 saw Jose Mourinho reunite with Frank Lampard for the first time since his former Chelsea student entered the coaching career. Lampard respected Mourinho, but could not sit still in front of the Portuguese teacher’s statements about Son’s red card.

The British thirsts for a good football coach

The British thirsts for a good football coach

Not all good players can become a good strategist, but having a bad coaching career like the former English players is strange.

Recently, Paul Scholes had to resign as the manager of Oldham Club playing in England’s Third Division after a series of disappointments – winning only 1 victory in 7 matches.

The time at Oldham midfielder M.U also only lasted exactly 1 month. So, 6 years after retirement, Scholes’ coach career is still just a round zero.

Before Scholes, the 1992 golden generation of M.U also repeatedly disappointed on the coach bench

Ryan Giggs was unable to stay at his former club after briefly leading the team as interim manager.

Gary Neville – quite successful with his career as a commentator and especially famous for disparaging other coaches – became a farce because of his bad time in Valencia. He was fired by Valencia after 4 months in the army and only brought 3 wins for the team.

Nicky Butt is no better than the M.U.’s academy coach job. And Phil Neville, after working as an assistant in Valencia for his brother Gary, has now moved to lead the English women’s football team.

In fact, it would be unfair to laugh at every generation of M.U’s famous players, because the English stars of Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea are nothing better.

The generation of former British players born in 1960-1970 is at the peak of their coaching career

Meanwhile, this generation of Italians including Antonio Conte, Gennaro Gattuso are currently world famous coaches; the French also have Didier Deschamps, Zinedine Zidane; Spain has Pep Guardiola, Luis Enrique; The Netherlands has Ronald Koeman and Frank Rijkaard; Germany has Jurgen Klinsmann, Thomas Doll, etc.

Meanwhile, during the past 10 years the English have trained only one coach with a little name is Gareth Southgate – who is leading the recruitment of three monks.

But Southgate’s talent still needs more time to evaluate, because before taking over England, he had never achieved any significant achievements.

The inability of English coaches is reflected in the Premier League itself. Out of the current 20 Premier League clubs, only 5 are using native coaches including Bournemouth, Burnley, Cardiff, Crystal Palace and Fulham.

It can not be said that because the Premier League is better than the other leagues, it is more demanding, because English football does not “export” any talented coaches abroad.

Without the ability to coach, most English players choose to be a commentator, like Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand or Jamie Carragher.

Tottenham won the second match in a row with Mourinho

Tottenham won the second match in a row with Mourinho

Thanks to the brace of Harry Kane, Tottenham won against Olympiakos 4-2 in the Champions League group stage, and won tickets to go on.

Tottenham showed two opposite faces in the two matches against Olympiakos on November 26. The first 45 minutes, Jose Mourinho’s teachers and players were messy, tedious and with little idea, then the remaining 45 minutes, they exploded, sublimated and full of emotion.

After losing two goals in the first 20 minutes of the match, Tottenham also needed that much time in the second half to lead the opponent. Dele Alli was the one who sparked the upstream, before Harry Kane leveled the score. Serge Aurier took the hosts through with a beautiful shot, only then Kane closed the first match on his new teacher’s home ground with a brace.

Compared to the first match to lead Tottenham, Mourinho is no longer calmly standing on the border. For nearly half of the first half, the “Special One” kept bouncing when he saw Olympiakos flooding the pitch with the speed of sprinters. His face only relaxed in the second half, when the pupils scored four goals in less than 30 minutes.

At the end of the match, the former Man Utd coach punched the air into the air, pointed the arrogant face towards the home fans, then walked into the field to shake hands, congratulating the victory for each student.

Mourinho only had a change in the starting line compared to when he won West Ham 3-2 at the weekend. Danny Rose, after recovering from an injury, started as Ben Davies as a left-back. More than third-placed team Crvena Zvezda facing Bayern Munich who are in high form this time, Tottenham need not win, they can win tickets by four points more than rivals and only two matches in each team.

Two games conceding four goals, against the under-rated teams, is clearly not the direction Mourinho intends to apply to Tottenham. However, compared to his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino, the more of the Portuguese teacher is to rekindle the fire of fighting for students. It is also a way for “Rooster” to spontaneously mentally, when the emotional trip at Old Trafford on December 4 is approaching.

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 3)

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 3)

The players were always trying before Cantona arrived, and now they are making a lot of effort.

With Cantona in the squad, Man Utd rose to their first English championship since 1967. The following four seasons, they spent three more titles and two FA Cups until Cantona decided to hang up his shoes in 1998. The day he left the team, Man Utd was in a much higher position than when he arrived. Not only is the goalscorer that Man Utd needs, Cantona also transmits the team of enthusiasm and an unprecedented arrogance. “When Eric was brought in, we knew we had the last piece,” Ince said.

Liverpool have not won England since 1990. At one point, they were very close, but they stumbled. In 2014, under Brendan Rogers, they scored 101 goals and conceded 50 goals. When Jurgen Klopp came to power a year later, he continued to be criticized for two years for his defenseless defense: they could not control the fixed ball, make silly mistakes and play poorly. Klopp always stands out to protect the players, but he must also realize that the team is missing something.

Then Virgil van Dijk arrived from Southampton in December 2017. Klopp tried to buy him the previous summer but then he had to wait until the winter. Liverpool have conceded 23 goals in the first half of the season. The second half they only conceded 15 goals. This season, through the first eight rounds, Liverpool won all eight, conceding just six goals – at least the tournament.

Van Dijk has brought a life not unlike Cantona at Man Utd before. He brings a strong faith: we can win and do great things. Two consecutive years Liverpool reached the Champions League final. And they won the season with Van Dijk. Van Dijk not only kicked, he also raised the person next to him, whether it was Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren or Joel Matip.

When facing Liverpool today, looking at the opponent, the Man Utd supporters would wish the home team had a person like Cantona from the past, someone who, although we were weak, lost troops, had crisis, still entered. pitch with your head held high and challenge anyone who dares to despise the reputation of the “Red Devils”!

Man City drew the first match in the Champions League

Man City drew the first match in the Champions League

Due to goalkeeper Claudio Bravo receiving a red card, Man City was held 1-1 by Atalanta in the fourth match of the group stage on 6/11.

Goals: Pasalic 49 ‘- Sterling 7’

Red card: Bravo.

If you win Atalanta, Man City will soon win the right to qualify for the Champions League. That is within the ability of the English team because two weeks ago, they won the opponent 5-1 at home. Raheem Sterling’s opening goal in the seventh minute, right in the first phase, gave the visitors an extra advantage against an Atalanta who lost all three matches. Gabriel Jesus’s backheel-back kick gave Sterling a fifth Champions League goal, equal to Son Heung-min and just two behind Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski.

Doing well the task of creating space and linking attacks but Jesus did not have the opportunity to score. Two minutes before the break, Sterling’s 16m50 penalty kick touched the ball at the edge of the fence by Atalanta. Thanks to VAR, the referee Aleksey Kulbakov gave the visitors a penalty. Jesus took the responsibility, but his low shot went wide of the post.

Outside the line, Coach Guardiola scratched his head regretfully. After the trip to Atalanta, Man City will be a match with Liverpool – the match is like the English Premier League final. The Etihad owners are six points behind Liverpool and they need the most effortless victory against Atalanta, creating a momentum for the battle at the weekend.

And yet sad because of the penalty penalty of Jesus, Guardiola had to welcome two other bad news. Goalkeeper Ederson got hurt, having to make room for Claudio Bravo in the second half. When the Copa America hero of the Chilean team could not warm up, he had to go into the net to pick up the ball. After 49 minutes, Alejandro Gomez hung the ball from the left wing precisely to Mario Pasalic and headed to the near post, leveling the score. It was also the first finishing phase of the home team.

Playing lack of people away, Man City accepted to pinch the match to have a point to bring home the fog. Guardiola wanted to solve his Champions League task neatly, before thinking of a race in the Premier League, but couldn’t. He still has to strain in the next round at the end of this month, in the context of Liverpool waiting ahead and having an advantage over a day off.

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 2)

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 2)

One rainy day in November, Ferguson went to see Martin Edwards at the President’s office to discuss recruitment. He tried to contact Alan Shearer (Southampton) and David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday) but failed. Later, he brought in young striker Dion Dublin of Cambridge United, a brilliant talent but soon suffered from abuse.

When Ferguson arrived at the office, Edwards was on the phone with Bill United President Bill Fotherby. Fotherby wants to ask to buy Dennis Irwin. Ferguson immediately saw the opportunity and wrote on his boss’s pad, “Ask him about Eric Cantona.”

Edwards pretended to ask Fotherby about Cantona and learned that the French striker was arguing with coach Howard Wilkinson. Fotherby made an appointment an hour later.

Only cost a million pounds transfer fee, Man Utd bought Cantona and helped the club change its destiny.

As soon as he hung up, Edwards immediately asked Ferguson, “Why Cantona?”

And Ferguson said immediately: Because it is a necessary contract. Cantona has always been known for his complex personality, the rumor he contradicts Wilkinson despite bringing Leeds to the championship has been shady for a long time. But after talking with then-France coach Gerard Houllier, Ferguson realized that Cantona was far from the rumors. But more importantly, at that time, Man Utd desperately needed a top scorer to solve the goal. Cantona is clearly a great option.

Half an hour later, Fotherby called back and announced he was ready to sell Cantona. Wilkinson was fed up with Cantona, and he had no intention of staying. Cantona even applied for a transfer. “The downstream trout will not be able to cross the falls,” wrote the Cantona letter.

The arrival of Cantona gave hope to Old Trafford. But more remarkable is his influence on the team. After the first training session, Cantona asked Ferguson arranged two more players to stay behind to help him practice the volley. Ferguson was surprised that the exercises were designed to be as logical as possible, but Cantona still wanted it to be more challenging. He designated two players to cross the ball with a young goalkeeper in the wooden frame. The other players saw Cantona practice, then gradually they joined him. The additional exercises later became a routine on the training ground of Man Utd.

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 1)

Man Utd – Liverpool: When Van Dijk reminiscent of Cantona (Part 1)

There are players like those born to change the fate of a club. Eric Cantona was like that at Man Utd before, similar to Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk.

Earlier this year, when asked about Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, the player Paul Ince compared the Dutch center-back to Man Cant Utd’s Eric Cantona in the early 1990s. born, besides the indisputable expertise. And their appearance has helped the club rise to a whole new level.

When Ince stated the above opinion, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had just won the first six matches with Man Utd as the head coach. But the former England striker did not appreciate this feat. “I can do the same,” Ince said. But when he talked about Cantona, he changed his voice to the utmost respect. Because more than anyone else, Ince directly witnessed the terrible effect that Cantona brought to Man Utd.

In 1989, Ince was recruited by Alex Ferguson from West Ham. Very quickly, he understood the stature of the club and the monuments here: George Best, Bobby Charlton, Steve Coppell. But Ince could not explain why such a high-class club did not win the big title. since the 1960s. “26 years without a title, that’s a mystery,” Ince said.

Even Ferguson could not break that shove. Since taking office at Old Trafford, he has brought Man Utd in turn to finish in positions 11, 2 and 11. Ince’s first two seasons here, the team finished in 13th and 6th place. 1992 , Man Utd missed a chance to win after losing to three of the last four rounds. Leeds United used the footsteps of “Reds” to take the throne.

In the 1992-1993 season, Man Utd did not seem to be complete and struggled very hard. At the beginning of the season, the team continued to experience disappointing draws against Swansea City, Bristol City, Elfsborg and Lillestrom. They won just five in 15 matches, were knocked out of the league by Aston Villa, and collapsed in a penalty shootout before Torpedo Moscow in the first round of the UEFA Cup. These are long, dark and dark days.

Arsenal won by the brace of 18-year-old striker

Arsenal won by the brace of 18-year-old striker

With a young and rich squad, Arsenal won Standard Liege 4-0 in the second round of the Europa League group stage on the evening of October 3.

Arsenal maintained the same Europa League boom as Unai Emery, despite the introduction of seven players aged U23 on the evening of October 3, when receiving Standard Liege. The Europa League runner-up overcame the opponent when holding the ball 61%, launched twice the number of shots (26 vs 12), and had a much higher accuracy rate (90% compared to 79%).

In an overwhelming attack, 18-year-old striker Gabriel Martinelli shone with a brace. In the 13th minute, he ran across the defender’s face, picked up the cross of Kieran Tierney on the left and headed to open the score. Three minutes later, the Brazilian striker seemed to be sticking the ball to his foot, overcoming the two yellow-shirted players’ resistance, before calmly chasing the far post to double the gap.

Martinelli became the youngest Arsenal player to score twice in Europe, helping the team to win two matches in the Europa League, score seven goals, and have yet to concede a goal.

In addition to the double in the first 16 minutes, Martinelli also contributed to Arsenal’s play. He is both the most dedicated player (seven times), and the one who passes the ball to his teammates the most shots (five times), and also has the most tackles (three times). In the 57th minute, the 18-year-old striker caught the speed on the right corner and then hung the ball into the 5m50 area, past the away team’s goalkeeper. Martinelli’s assist line helps Dani Ceballos, the player to cross the ball and pass the most accurate match, just touch the ball to bring home the fourth table.

Before he shone in the Europa League, Martinelli also scored twice in Arsenal’s 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest in the third round of the League Cup. Before that, the mature player from the Corinthians kiln had just six minutes to play in the Premier League opening round – against Newcastle. The maturity of the 35th striker is a good sign for Emery, in the context of Arsenal’s ability to score in the early stages of the season, relying only on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Real is predicted to win the Champions League

Real is predicted to win the Champions League

Opta, Google, and Sqawka simulated the Champions League for the 2019-2020 season and predicted that Real Madrid would beat Bayern Munich in the final.

Experts from the three major statistical firms, Opta, Google, and Sqawka, have simulated the Champions League for the 2019-2020 season, based on the database of previous seasons that Real Madrid will beat Bayern Munich in the final with a score of 3- 2.

Accordingly, the path to reclaiming the throne of Zinedine Zidane and his teachers will be difficult from the eighth round. They beat Man City with a total score of 7-5 in the eighth round, then beat Chelsea 4-2, before beating Barca 5-2 in the semi-finals.

The road to the final of Bayern also faces many obstacles. The German team is expected to win Atletico Madrid 3-1 in the eighth round, then defeat PSG 3-2 in the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, “Gray Lobster” will meet Juventus and win with a total score of 3-0.

The forecast of Opta, Google and Sqawka are different from the bookmaker’s odds, after the draw of the group stage draws on August 29. Because of the same table with PSG and not a good start in La Liga, the ability of teachers and Zidane’s champion only ranked fourth (put 1 to 10), behind Man City (put 2 to 7), Barca (put 1 to 5 ) and Liverpool (order 1 to 7). Bayern’s chances are lower, 1 to 12.

In addition to predicting the championship, data experts also said that Lionel Messi will become the first player to have more than 10 hat-tricks in the Champions League and win the title of top scorer. And Cristiano Ronaldo will surpass Raul Gonzalez in the record of most European clubs. By the time he retired, Raul had scored against 35 clubs in European Cups.

Science proves that Messi is better than C.Ronaldo

Science proves that Messi is better than C.Ronaldo

KU Leuven University professor, Jesse Davis, said Messi was actually better than his colleague Ronaldo because he got a VAEP score of 1.21 per game, double that of Ronaldo.

“The value of a football player is often dependent on goals and assists,” said Jesse Davis, a professor at KU Leuven University. “However, goals are a rare event, as average. There are about 1,600 actions happening in a match.

The scores of actions are valued by probability estimates (VAEP) to determine the level of influence both in defense and player’s attack in a match.”

The results show that world football superstar Messi reached VAEP score of 1.21 per game, double that of Ronaldo .61.

Explaining the difference of the two super strikers of contemporary world football, Professor Tom Decroos said: “In the first seasons, Messi and Ronaldo scores very close together. From the 2015/16 season, Messi dropped away from Ronaldo.

We find that most football players will fall into three situations: Or they perform many actions but bring low value – for example, Paul Pogba. Or they act less but bring great value – typically strikers like Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah and Ronaldo.

Messi falls into a special case. He is active and every movement has great value that contributes to the gameplay “.

Messi continues to compare with Ronaldo in every award

Although Messi has set countless records of world football former Real Madrid coach Jose Camacho still thinks that the Argentine superstar is still not the best in world football history.

In an interview with El Mundo, the Spanish strategist commented: “Messi is an excellent player, but cannot become the greatest football history if he does not win the World Cup with Argentina.

There are teams that winning the World Cup is not so important but Argentina is completely different. Without winning the World Cup, Messi cannot become the No. 1 legend. The World Cup championship is the best title for every player “.

Messi has 4 times to attend the World Cup with Argentina with the best performance is reached to the final before losing 0-1 to Germany after 120 minutes. Also in the 2018 World Cup, Messi and Argentina stopped in the round of 1/8 after losing with the score 3-4 before France, then the team was crowned champion.