Arsenal won by the brace of 18-year-old striker

Arsenal won by the brace of 18-year-old striker

With a young and rich squad, Arsenal won Standard Liege 4-0 in the second round of the Europa League group stage on the evening of October 3.

Arsenal maintained the same Europa League boom as Unai Emery, despite the introduction of seven players aged U23 on the evening of October 3, when receiving Standard Liege. The Europa League runner-up overcame the opponent when holding the ball 61%, launched twice the number of shots (26 vs 12), and had a much higher accuracy rate (90% compared to 79%).

In an overwhelming attack, 18-year-old striker Gabriel Martinelli shone with a brace. In the 13th minute, he ran across the defender’s face, picked up the cross of Kieran Tierney on the left and headed to open the score. Three minutes later, the Brazilian striker seemed to be sticking the ball to his foot, overcoming the two yellow-shirted players’ resistance, before calmly chasing the far post to double the gap.

Martinelli became the youngest Arsenal player to score twice in Europe, helping the team to win two matches in the Europa League, score seven goals, and have yet to concede a goal.

In addition to the double in the first 16 minutes, Martinelli also contributed to Arsenal’s play. He is both the most dedicated player (seven times), and the one who passes the ball to his teammates the most shots (five times), and also has the most tackles (three times). In the 57th minute, the 18-year-old striker caught the speed on the right corner and then hung the ball into the 5m50 area, past the away team’s goalkeeper. Martinelli’s assist line helps Dani Ceballos, the player to cross the ball and pass the most accurate match, just touch the ball to bring home the fourth table.

Before he shone in the Europa League, Martinelli also scored twice in Arsenal’s 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest in the third round of the League Cup. Before that, the mature player from the Corinthians kiln had just six minutes to play in the Premier League opening round – against Newcastle. The maturity of the 35th striker is a good sign for Emery, in the context of Arsenal’s ability to score in the early stages of the season, relying only on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Why is the US Open always unpredictable? (Part 2)

Why is the US Open always unpredictable? (Part 2)

Another part of the cause comes from the pitch. The “Big Three” domination at Wimbledon and Roland Garros comes from the fact that very few players can meet the specific conditions of grass or clay. The pitch at Wimbledon has always been a nightmare for most young players. Their play is not adapted to the eccentricity of this pitch. After being eliminated in the first round of Wimbledon 2019, both Alexander Zverev and Tsitsipas admitted that the pitch is a difficult challenge to overcome.

Thanks to the experience, the “Big Three” has not encountered the same problems, and has learned to master these pitches over the last 15 to 20 years. Since 2002, no one other than Federer, Djokovic, Nadal or Murray won the championship. At Roland Garros, Nadal’s superiority on clay court compared to the rest made the French Open become the exclusive stage for the Spanish tennis player, and earned him the nickname “The Clay King of Clay”.

Hard courts – the surface of the US Open and the Australian Open – are completely different. Basically, hard courts are the default court surface in tennis, because all players are comfortable playing. It became popular also because there were many other sports that could be played on hard courts. Therefore, many players are likely to cause “earthquakes” in the US Open and the Australian Open. But in Melbourne Park, there are still fewer surprises, as the Australian Open is the opening tournament for the new season, so the players are more energetic.

During the last six visits to Flushing Meadows, Federer has fallen one after another at the hands of Tommy Robredo, Marin Cilic, Del Potro, John Millman and the latest Dimitrov.

Of the four Grand Slams, the US Open takes place in the most difficult climates. Melbourne was very hot in January, but the humidity was not high, and the Australian Open organizers did well in dealing with the effects of the weather.

Andreescu wins the US Open 2019 (Part 2)

Andreescu wins the US Open 2019 (Part 2)

Andreescu entered game 11 with heavy pressure but had three good serves to lead 40-15. Serena’s backhand error helped Canadian juniors win the game and lead 6-5. Andreescu screamed again and entered Serena’s final game with a lot of hope.

Young Canadian talent won the first point after the outward finishing phase of the upperclassman, before handing over the winner and leading Serena 30-15 in game 12. Serena hit backhand out the next point, after the situation The ball hits the net. Andreescu has two more match-points, and this time, the Canadian player decided to match the match neatly. From Serena’s second serve, Andreescu returned the winner to win 6-3, 7-5 and win the championship.

Overall, Andreescu’s youth is still more prominent than Serena’s experience. Canadian players move better than their senior, more stable shot in the series of durable balls and make fewer mistakes. Andreescu has 17 winners and 19 self-defeating errors, while Serena has 33 winners and 33 self-fouls. The eight errors which come from bad serves. In the second set, it was the double faults that were the main cause of Serena’s dismay and the rapid loss of games leading the set.

Andreescu, after winning the battle, sobbed in happiness. The 19-year-old girl is the first Canadian player in the history of winning the Grand Slam. Andreescu is also the first person to be crowned in the US Open for the first time attending. She won all eight times against the top 10 players. Andreescu himself will rise to fifth on the updated WTA score table next week.

Serena could not hide her sadness of failure. The 37-year-old aspires to champion to keep up with Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam, but has yet to do so. After giving birth, Serena returned to competition and reached the final of four Grand Slams. She failed twice in Wimbledon and also lost in the US Open in the last two years.

“Bianca Andreescu played an incredible game,” Serena commented. “We played great tennis here today. I wish we could play better.”

Why is the US Open always unpredictable? (Part 1)

Why is the US Open always unpredictable? (Part 1)

The unpredictability of the men’s singles is becoming the feature of the final Grand Slam of the year.

In the past 11 years, Wimbledon has witnessed two cases of successfully defending the championship (Djokovic in 2014-2015 and 2018-2019), Roland Garros five times (Nadal in the period 2010-2014) and Australia Open four. times (Djokovic the years 2010-2013). At those Grand Slam tournaments, there has always been a dominant player for more than a decade. But since Roger Federer in 2008, no one has won it twice in the US Open.

The most obvious reason is the schedule. Due to being the last Grand Slam of the year, the players who arrived at Flushing Meadows brought with them all the fatigue from the tournaments they had attended earlier. US Open is also an important turning point of the ATP ordering table.

In New York, Djokovic withdrew from a shoulder injury, before Federer lost a match in which he had to seek medical care for his neck and back. Other candidates like Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas also did not have the sharpness to compete, while last year’s runner-up Del Potro was absent. Del Potro has not been an isolated case in recent years. In fact, the fact that the players who made it to the finals of the previous year failed to retain their fitness for the following year has always been a recurring theme.

Last year, Nadal failed to defend the title when he gave up against Del Potro in the semi-finals. 12 months earlier, both players who were present in the 2016 US Open finals were Wawrinka and Djokovic dropped out of the tournament and ended the season early due to injury. Federer also had a similar situation in the US Open 2016. Meanwhile, the rickety body also forced Nadal to skip the 2012 and 2014 tournaments, although the Spanish tennis player was crowned in 2013.

Those facts show that the US Open has become a physical nightmare for players. The fear of getting injured before coming to Flushing Meadows became chronic, and caused the “Big Three” to adjust the schedule. They had to miss one of the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati and Montreal.

Andreescu wins the US Open 2019 (Part 1)

Andreescu wins the US Open 2019 (Part 1)

19-year-old Bianca Andreescu beat Serena Williams 6-3, 7-5 in the women’s singles finals, September 7.

Andreescu, in her first Grand Slam final, played with great confidence and was rewarded with a victory over the player six times to win the tournament. But Serena is not a supporting character in the final on September 7. The 37-year-old did not play well in the set one and the first half set two but fought to the final score to create an emotional ending.

When 3-6, 1-5, Serena saved the match-point by returning the line along the winning scoring line. The US player then won the game with a heavy blow that made Andreescu unable to fight back.

In the next game, Serena served the first two points well and led 30-0. The owner of 23 Grand Slam has good psychological momentum and continues to attack hard, keep the game delivered and shorten the score to 3-5. The audience in New York all at once stood up and applauded for Serena’s indomitable spirit.

Andreescu once again serves the ball to determine the match. But the Canadian player had a bad start in the ninth game of the second set, having failed two consecutive backhand shots. In it, the second left shot but nearly hit Serena, causing the Williams sisters to jump to avoid the ball. Serena’s comedic dances stir the atmosphere in the stands.

The huge pressure from Serena as well as from the audience at the Arthur Ashe yard made Andreescu unable to keep the game. Serena excitedly scored a backhand winner before Andreescu broke her forehand. The 19-year-old lost the game at hand and let Serena shorten the score to 4-5.

During the transition phase of the game, Serena’s ability to keep the game depends heavily on serve. The US player scored two ace points and made two double errors in the first four serves in game 10. In the fifth and sixth situations in the game, Andreescu hit the backhand from the high two-serve serves of the keyboard. sister. The ratio is 5-5 in an unexpected way.

Real is predicted to win the Champions League

Real is predicted to win the Champions League

Opta, Google, and Sqawka simulated the Champions League for the 2019-2020 season and predicted that Real Madrid would beat Bayern Munich in the final.

Experts from the three major statistical firms, Opta, Google, and Sqawka, have simulated the Champions League for the 2019-2020 season, based on the database of previous seasons that Real Madrid will beat Bayern Munich in the final with a score of 3- 2.

Accordingly, the path to reclaiming the throne of Zinedine Zidane and his teachers will be difficult from the eighth round. They beat Man City with a total score of 7-5 in the eighth round, then beat Chelsea 4-2, before beating Barca 5-2 in the semi-finals.

The road to the final of Bayern also faces many obstacles. The German team is expected to win Atletico Madrid 3-1 in the eighth round, then defeat PSG 3-2 in the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, “Gray Lobster” will meet Juventus and win with a total score of 3-0.

The forecast of Opta, Google and Sqawka are different from the bookmaker’s odds, after the draw of the group stage draws on August 29. Because of the same table with PSG and not a good start in La Liga, the ability of teachers and Zidane’s champion only ranked fourth (put 1 to 10), behind Man City (put 2 to 7), Barca (put 1 to 5 ) and Liverpool (order 1 to 7). Bayern’s chances are lower, 1 to 12.

In addition to predicting the championship, data experts also said that Lionel Messi will become the first player to have more than 10 hat-tricks in the Champions League and win the title of top scorer. And Cristiano Ronaldo will surpass Raul Gonzalez in the record of most European clubs. By the time he retired, Raul had scored against 35 clubs in European Cups.

Science proves that Messi is better than C.Ronaldo

Science proves that Messi is better than C.Ronaldo

KU Leuven University professor, Jesse Davis, said Messi was actually better than his colleague Ronaldo because he got a VAEP score of 1.21 per game, double that of Ronaldo.

“The value of a football player is often dependent on goals and assists,” said Jesse Davis, a professor at KU Leuven University. “However, goals are a rare event, as average. There are about 1,600 actions happening in a match.

The scores of actions are valued by probability estimates (VAEP) to determine the level of influence both in defense and player’s attack in a match.”

The results show that world football superstar Messi reached VAEP score of 1.21 per game, double that of Ronaldo .61.

Explaining the difference of the two super strikers of contemporary world football, Professor Tom Decroos said: “In the first seasons, Messi and Ronaldo scores very close together. From the 2015/16 season, Messi dropped away from Ronaldo.

We find that most football players will fall into three situations: Or they perform many actions but bring low value – for example, Paul Pogba. Or they act less but bring great value – typically strikers like Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah and Ronaldo.

Messi falls into a special case. He is active and every movement has great value that contributes to the gameplay “.

Messi continues to compare with Ronaldo in every award

Although Messi has set countless records of world football former Real Madrid coach Jose Camacho still thinks that the Argentine superstar is still not the best in world football history.

In an interview with El Mundo, the Spanish strategist commented: “Messi is an excellent player, but cannot become the greatest football history if he does not win the World Cup with Argentina.

There are teams that winning the World Cup is not so important but Argentina is completely different. Without winning the World Cup, Messi cannot become the No. 1 legend. The World Cup championship is the best title for every player “.

Messi has 4 times to attend the World Cup with Argentina with the best performance is reached to the final before losing 0-1 to Germany after 120 minutes. Also in the 2018 World Cup, Messi and Argentina stopped in the round of 1/8 after losing with the score 3-4 before France, then the team was crowned champion.

HOT sports news on August 15

HOT sports news on August 15

US Open 2019 continues to make a mess even though it hasn’t started, this time it’s a matter of gender discrimination.

US Open 2019 caused discontent because of gender discrimination. To warm up the atmosphere, the US Open organizer 2019 announced the “Unforgettable Experience with US Open 2019” program for fans. The award of this program is a ticket to the men’s singles semi-final, photographed on the game field and a shopping card at US Open stores.

However, the information in the next section of the program caused the organizers to be widely criticized. Accordingly, if not winning the prize, fans still have a chance to receive a ticket to see the women’s singles semi-final and the right to take photos on the field. The fact that not including the women’s singles semi-finals in the grand prize made many people feel offended by the organism’s gender discrimination.

Woods faces the risk of not getting the Tour Championship.

After withdrawing from the second Northern Trust last week, Woods dropped to 38th on the FedEx Cup score. He needs to return to the top 30 to qualify for the Championship Tour – the tournament where the US golfers are the defending champions.

Olympic Boxing champion still fails on the professional arena output.

Olympic champion Robeisy Ramirez‘s professional boxing debut match was not as good as he expected when he failed an anonymous opponent Adan Gonzales with a score of 40-35, 37-38 and 39-36.

100 years no one will break the record of Federer – Nadal – Djokovic.

That is the comment of former Max Mirnyi player, “they have done so much for tennis and it will be very difficult for adjacent players. They always peak at Grand Slam tournaments, which is beyond imagination. My time, Pete Sampras achieved 14 Grand Slam that felt like it was too terrible.”

The Nuggets and Blazers have created the longest match in NBA history

The Nuggets and Blazers have created the longest match in NBA history

Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers have created one of the most memorable matches in the NBA playoffs.

The third game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets went into the NBA history as the longest match in the playoffs. Accordingly, both teams had to take four extra times to determine the winner. Blazers also had to rely on Rodney Hood’s ecstatic moment to subdue the Nuggets with a 140-137 final.

According to the Basketball Reference, in the history of the playoffs, only the match between Syracuse Nationals (the predecessor of the Philadelphia 76ers) and the Boston Celtics within the Eastern semi-final game of 1953 was the only match to be used for extra time. Private to determine defeat. The Celtics and the legendary Bob Cousy were the last teams to win with the score 111-105.

So after 66 years, this new record is once again re-established. Even if there were no more accurate moments of Rodney Hood or Nikola Jokic in the free throws, the Nuggets and Blazers might have to step into the fifth extra time, thereby setting a new record in the NBA.

If there is no shining moment of Hood, perhaps the match still needs to enter the 5th extra time. Besides this record, the match between the team also set another memorable record. That is Jokic’s record of playing minutes. The Nuggets were the most competitive player on the field with 65 minutes of play, with Jokic playing almost all of the four extra times between the two teams. Although his stamina was greatly reduced, Jokic still left a strong mark with 33 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists in this match.

According to The Associated Press’s Brian Mahoney, Jokic has become the second-most-played player in an NBA match. Just behind the 67-minute record of legendary Bob Cousy with 67 minutes in the legendary Syracuse Nationals – Boston Celtics.

With this failure, the Nuggets are in a very disadvantageous situation. They have now allowed their opponents to take the lead 2-1. And if you can’t beat the opponent in the next match, the Nuggets’ next door is gone. However, the Nuggets will have to face disadvantages in both forms and away as well as physical factors when they have just gone through a long game. The two teams will meet each other on May 6 at Moda Center

Tiger Woods attended the first two FedEx Cup Playoffs

Tiger Woods attended the first two FedEx Cup Playoffs

Runner-up FedEx Cup 2018 announced that it will play in The Northern Trust next week, before joining the BMW Championship next week.

Woods quit the WGC-FedEx St. event. Jude Invitational in Memphis last week on the grounds of needing a break from failure at The Open. According to Golf Channel, “Super Tiger” had a minor injury when attending the last major tournament of the year and had three weeks of treatment in Florida.

The 43-year-old star has played 10 tournaments since the beginning of the year. After crowned at The Masters in April, he only attended another major event called Memorial Tournament in early June. In the top 20 world golfers, Woods is the least competitive player this season.

Last year, 81 titles of PGA Tour ranked T40 at The Northern Trust, T6 in BMW Championship and Tour Championship. The first championship after five years helped Woods finish second in the 2018 FedEx Cup race with 41 points less than Justin Rose.

After the Dell Technologies award was cut, 2019 FedEx Cup Playoffs only had three events. Both The Northern Trust and the BMW Championship will mark the second time in the past two years, with Woods playing for two weeks at the PGA Tour.

This is a must for him to win the Tour Championship, the event that decides the FedEx Cup championship this season. With 27th place on the current FedEx Cup score, Woods is still in danger of being knocked out of the top 30 golfers to win the Tour Championship.

As a rule, the top 125 golfers FedEx Cup will be attended by The Northern Trust. The number dropped to 70 when the BMW Championship kicked off. The 27th position ensures Woods is in BMW Championship, despite the results at Liberty National Golf Club next week.