Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the most prestigious football events in the world. If you are a fan of football, you shouldn’t miss some following competitions.

From the former article, we refer to FIFA which is considered as the biggest football event. Now, we share other events.

2, The UEFA Champions League

If FIFA World Cup is the biggest festival for all nations, The UEFA Champions League is the most glamorous for all clubs in the world. 

So, this event is ranked the second position for top the best football tournaments must-see.

The UEFA collects the greatest teams from all over the world, so it is highly appreciated about profession and quality. This event is also invested by big sponsors because this is a great opportunity to praise and introduce their brands to a big number of fans.

Through the UEFA champions league, football in European has improved strongly and famously when they have good environment event to practice and train. So, nowadays, the European continent become powerful about this event.

3, Copa America

Above all competitions, the Copa America is the oldest eventof one continent. This event is expected by all locals in the America continent as well fans of American football. 

The first season was established in Argentina in 1916with the purpose to celebrate independence of Argentina. Then it was spread throughout the continent as a festival to connect and share culture, customs of nations together.

During the history of Copa America, Mexico, Costa Rica and the USA are outstanding nations. They usually have the right to own the host nation of the season. However, Uruguay is the most successful team in this event. Until now, they are on the top 1stwith 15 titles for the Championships. 

Top the best football tournaments in the world (Part 1)

Football is the most favorite sports to play and follow for everyone in the world. Anyone in different age also loves and cheer up for any football tournament. Even, there is no favorite team, they still can follow and welcome happily.

If you are a fan of football, you shouldn’t miss our article. We share top the best football tournaments in the world. It can be a domestically national event, or continental or international tournament. All are collected carefully to build up the following ranking.

1, FIFA World Cup

It’s no doubt that FIFA World Cup is the biggest football competition in the world. this event collects top the best national football clubs from all over the world. Then they compete to find the most excellent team for Championship. Any team can reach the title in World Cup also deserves to become the best memorial event in their football history.

This event is only hold every four years, so it is more and more prestigious and expected with fans. Before the final round of 16 teams have been organized, there are many play-off rounds among teams in the continent then teams representing for per continent will continue to compete other teams in different continent so that they can find top the best 16 teams for the final round. It can organize within 2 years ago.

In general, FIFA World Cup is the biggest festival which people from all over the world can connect and live in one environment of love and passion. The fact, thanks to spreading of football, many issues and dispute about the nationality, religion or customs can be improved positively.

Although it is a football event, it brings a lot of meanings for both players and spectators. So, it is deserved to become the most prestigious football tournament in the world.

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

In this article, we continue to refer to top the most famous tennis tournaments internationally. If you are a fan of tennis, the following checklist is useful to enjoy your favorite.

5, The Summer game

In the former article, we just refer famous tennis tournaments in the Western like French open, US open…Now, we recommend a special tournament located in Ariake Tennis Park, Tokyo in 2020.

Although it is not a professional tournament, it is welcomed warmly by millions of sport fan because you can live in an incomparable atmosphere surrounded the Ariake park. So, it is an incredible sport event.

Coming the Summer game, you can enjoy series of sports, including tennis. The fact, it appeared in the first time in 1896, then it was dropped until 1988 it came back and maintained ever since.

6, BNP Paribas Open

The critics highly appreciate BNP Paribas open as one of the top tennis tournaments.

It is located in Indian Wells Tennis Garden which attacks series of talented players from all over the world to the competitions.

According to the record, in 2019, there are total 475,372 fans to witness this tournament. This number is huge to prove popularity of this game.

One of reason to make frame for BNL Paribas Open is beauty surrounded the Wells tennis garden where takes place. Someone describes it as the paradise because the landscape is natural and romantic to enjoy.

7, ATP Finals

The ATP Finals is another top tennis event organized in London. It has a long history since the first tournament was established in 1970.

This tournament also is expected annually because it has a different format compared with other grand slams. At there, tennis players only use two methods: knockout or bracket to decide who is person to go the next round.

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Tennis is loved by many people all over the world because this sport brings a lot of benefits about health, physical as well social benefits for players. So, this sport is encouraged to be played in a large scale.

in this article, we continue to share top great tennis tournaments worldwide. If you are a fan of tennis, you should watch it to broaden more knowledge about sport.

3, Australian Open

Australian Open is one of four internationally major grand slam tennis tournaments, furthermore it is the first period on the calendar, therefore it is welcome by many tennis fans as well famous tennis players to attend.

It was established in 1988 at Melbourne Park in Melbourne. Then it was annually organized as a large sport event. The fact, the first Australian Open was held in 1905, but it was only publicized officially in 1988. 

This event is considered as one of the biggest Grand Slam events. It’s plated on the hard-court surface, as standard condition of other tournaments.

In the recent time, Novak Djokovic has dominated the ranking with series of titles and records. He has total 8 winnings in this tournament. Through the Australia Open, Novak also is voted for top 3 the best tennis players all the time.

4, French Open

French Open is a special tournament when it is played on clay courts. It’s different compared with others. However, some critics say that clay courts can challenge more to player because it’s hard to move ball on it. So, it requires strength and skills to arrange ball fluently.

This tournament is held in the Roland Garros in Paris where it’s famous for romance and sweet. Almost people come to cheer up the French Open and visit beautiful landscapes of this city.

Annually, French Open is usually organized in the end of Sep to early of Oct. this fall time is perfect to travel and enjoy tennis matches.

During more than 128 years since establishment, Rafael Nadal has reached the best records with 12 titles.

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Top the most famous tennis tournaments

Tennis is one of the most favourite sports for anyone and any ages. Because this game can play alone or connect with partner, it is easy to prastice in the daily life.

In this article, we will share top the most famous tournaments about tennis established annually in all over the world.

If you are a fan of tennis, you shouldn’t miss these valuable tournaments

1/ Wimbledon (Grand Slam Event)

Wimbledon is ranked as the 1st of top tennis tournaments because of its frame, profession and long history.

This tournament was founded in 1877 for all England clubs outside London in the UK. It is played on the grass until now as the traditonal character.

In this tournament, all players will wear white dress code as traditional uniform. It expresses respect and admiring to the Royal family as well other celebrities coming the game and cheer up.

According to the fixxed schedule, Wimbledon will take place within two weeks in late June or early July. Any athlete coming to professional career will expect to reach the title for winning in the Wimbledon.

2/ US Open (Grand Slam Event)

US Open is one of four tournaments in Grand Slam Event. It is taken place in the US for all famous professional tennis players from the US and other nations.

It was established in 1881 considered as the US national tournament. By profession, big investment to build up high quality tournaments, US Open is well-known as one of the greatest tennis tournament in the world.

This event will be organized in the US national tennis center with presence of many celebrities.

As normal, the US Open is annually occured in late August to early September. Besides registering of professional tennis players from other nations in the world, this event will be concerned by millions of tennis fans. Even, they are ready to book the ticket to US to cheer up for their idol. 

In 2018, estimated about more than 800,000 spectators to attend this event.

Top the fastest footballers in the world

Top the fastest footballers in the world

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore it becomes a hot topic to discuss every day. In this article, we refer one aspect of this game which is the ranking of top the fastest footballers in the world.

In football, speed is an important factor to create winning for footballers. Sometimes, within 1meter can change complete result of the match. Therefore, someone owning fast speed takes many priorities to become winners.

5/ Bjorn Engels

Bjorn Engels is a great defender of Aston Villa. He is on the top footballers having good speed up to 36.85 km/ph. In the 2009 season of World Championship, he kept record for 22.9mph. He also won the 100m sprint with average speed 23mph.

Thanks to great ability, he was voted on this list of fastest footballers in the world.

6/ Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has not yet performed well in recent year, but he still was on the top fastest players all the time.

He was smart to take advantage of strength in body and speed to make impressive style. On average, he got 36.9 kmph on the pitch. This record was enough interesting to attract any club as the first choice.

7/ Fred

 He is playing for Manchester United at midfielder. He hold the fastest player in MU during history of the Premier League.

He made impressive deeply with hard-working performances. In general, he got sprinting at 37.29 kilometers in per hour in the last season, according to statistical experts from the federation.

8/ Shane Long

Shane Long was described as a powerful striker when he overcame excellently than other younger players. Although Shane was to 30 year old, he always expressed his talent and ability in some clubs like Reading, West Bromwich Albion and Hull City

By 37.33 kmph in one running hour, he was voted as one of the fasted footballers in the Premier League.

Top the fastest footballers in the world

Top the fastest footballers in the world

Speed is considered as one of the most important factors to decide victory in football. When players own fast speed, they can control ball perfectly then overcome other opponents and move it to teammates.

Even, thanks to speed, footballers can boost their level to a higher level with more complicated skills.

In this article, we continue to share top the fastest footballers in football. The fact we don’t have any formula to prove who is the fastest footballer. We collect the ranking based on rates and performances during their career at tournaments.

3/ Nacho Fernandez

He plays at the full-back position for the Real Madrid where he has a long career-long association. Although he is now 30 years-old, he has strong energy to express total his ability in the field,

At the now, he can run 34.62 km/h on average. He also is flexible to connect other teammate in movement of ball.

4/ Alvaro Odriozola

Another footballer in Real Madrid is on the top ranking, called Alvora Odrizolo. He also plays at the full-back role.

Although he is still young as well only appearances few times in La Liga tournament, he still makes deeply impressive for the coal of Real Madris.

To push his talent more, he practices running hard. At the moment, he only reaches the speed at 34.99 km/h. this time is enough to be incredible about speed and footballers.

5/ Kingsley Coman

Kingsley Coman is a French footballer. He is called as the French winger because he has amazing ability for running. Estimated that he can run 35 km/h with a stable mode.

Thanks to special skill, it makes Kingsley more experience about solution speed. However, this player also has in many problem about injuries. He usually appears with stories about problem of ankle, back or joints.

Top the fastest footballers in the world

Top the fastest footballers in the world

Football is one of the most popular sport for everyone in the global. Whether you are a fan of sport or not, you still are interesting in watching a football match. It makes your mood fresh and exciting when your idol team get a score.

Footballers are the most outstanding in all matches. They directly express and move ball so that getting goals to the opponent’s net. In this article, we share the ranking about fastest footballers in the world. The fact that, speed is extremely important in football. Once player can take advantage of ball and move it fastest, he can make chance to make goal easily.

1/ Iñaki Williams

Iñaki is a forward in the Spain national team. Now he is playing for Athletic club. He is highly appreciated that he is one of the most talented footballers in Spain with his lethal pace as well full of strength and energy for per appearance in the field.

With the young, he is predicted that he will continue to bright up more with greater records about speed in the future.

He can move ball and overcome other opponents in the blink of an eye. So, it’s great to make fast counter-attacks to opponent’s net. One of his talent is dribble ability and ball maintaining skill by using his strength.

2/ Orlando Berrio

Orlando Berrio is a forward from Flamengo who is one of the most well known in football now.

 He is an international Colombia player with many big transfer contracts among big clubs. In 2017, he is valued 3.25$ m to transfer from Brazilian to Flamengo club. The fact that he is impressed wide in the South American nation.

By his talent, he can run 36 km/h which the best impressive for any player.

Top the best 10 footballers in the world in 2019

Top the best 10 footballers in the world in 2019

Football is always a favorite sport of many people. Because of fame and reputation, so many young people have dream to become stars in football. Therefore, this sport also attracts talented athletes.

In this article, we continue to collect top the best players in the world in the last year. In general, 2019 has been closed with a little achievements and successes still in mind of spectators. So, this ranking is a summary about an aspect of football in 2019.

In the previous article, we refer 2 names: Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero. Let it find the next names in ranking.

3/ Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin is voted as one of the most excellent midfielders in 2019 season. Although he has not much experience in football career, he has reached some outstanding achievements for 2 teams- Argentina which is his national football team and Manchester city which he is transferred to.

By his performance in the last year, he promises that he will become an interesting transfer bids for 2020 season. Actually, some clubs are fighting and dealing to own this talent.

4/ David De Gea

David is voted for the best goalkeeper reward in the world during 2019 season. He plays for Spain and Manchester United.

He has collected a huge number of prizes, such as three continuous awards for the Player of Year since 2014 by the Sir Matt Busby.

Thanks for his excellent performance, MU can keep the highest number of empty sheets during the Premier league.

5/ Mohamed Salah

He has ever been a talented forwarder in Liverpool and Egypt.

He has played at forward role since 2017, then he contributed to make the title for the Reds to Champion. Estimated he had 11 goals in total one Premier league.

Top the best 10 footballers in the world in 2019

Top the best 10 footballers in the world in 2019

Football is considered as the king of sports. Almost people in the world are fans or interested to football, especially some internationally famous competitions such as World Cup, Euro or Premier Leagues.

In this article, we will refer to top stars of football in 2019. They are ranked as the best footballers based on their achievements as well records and talent. Following it and considering that your idol is on the ranking or not.

10. Eden Hazard

He is a player for Chelsea club and the Belgian national football team. The fact that 2018-2019 season should be forgettable season for both Belgian and Chelsea club when they have not yet reached targets and achievements as plan. However, Ede Hazard still brighten and become outstanding by his talent and influence on football.

Fans still can be proud of Eden when he got 11 goals and 11 assists during the Premier Leagues season. It’s a huge number of record, some clubs like Real Madrid expresses desiring to purchase him with big franchise.

9. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is one of the most referred name in the Premier League during this decade. He is always on the top ten best players under other aspects or factors.

He is a talented forward, compared to Suarez, Kane or Lewandowski. However consistent injury makes drawback to prevent his career. He has ever got the Premier League Golden Boot one time.

In 2018-2019 season, he got 18 goals and 5 assist in total 26 appearances in games. This achievement is extremely impressive which leads to voting him to become one of the best strikers in the world in 2019. After several rounds checked carefully, he can’t receive this title. But he is still on the 9th ranking for the best footballers in 2019.